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The Lavender Lady of Hawley


Mystic Farm (part I)




Hello, I am Deborah, and I love all things lavender! ​

When my husband Michael insisted we buy our second home, a 1890's farmhouse & 19 beautiful acres in Hawley Pennsylvania in 2017..I cannot lie, it took a while for me to agree.

You see, our plan all along, was to go SOUTH, where its warm, once our kids were grown and we were ready to leave Long Island. 

Once I visited the farm, I hate to admit it, I knew in my heart he was right.

It was the perfect place not only for us, but for me to start my dream of lavender farming ...and for that, I will always be grateful to him! He found our happy place!

While most of the land is our family's private residence, there are many beautiful acres that will be sprawling lavender fields, and I am excited to be able to share it with you!

Mystic Farm is open for visits by reservation ONLY.

 I welcome you here during the season when open,  to meet, walk, gather & wander, relax... even meditate tucked into nature. Please understand that this is our home, and where we reside and that this is not open to the general public.

I have a little gift shop here,

in one of the lovely old buildings here on the property that used to be an old chicken coop.

The farm can be offered as an exclusive wedding reception site for your beautiful day, or a small private event.You would pay a sit fee, and the everything else would be brought in. Email me with any interest or questions

I would love if you will visit my site often to watch my progress.


I invite you to follow me on Instagram @mystic_farms and on Tic Toc @mysticfarmlavenderlady

Feel free to email me with any ideas & information you want to share with me . 



My Lavender Farm Mission;



It is my mission is to create a very special & beautiful farm, an agritourism experience, in our community where the public can visit the farm, and get a feel of a working farm first hand.

Lavender growing areas will be available for you spend time in and to stroll through. "The Gathery" is my little store where you can purchase all the lavender treasures made here & more.


Agritourism is something that our culture is sadly losing. I feel as though there is growing interest in a rebirth of farm life,  and my heart wants to be a part of that.


Beautiful Hawley & the surrounding areas currently do not offer anything quite like this little 19 acre gem we have here. We are extremely blessed to have it, and it is our pleasure to be able to share it.

 Mystic Farm promises to always strive to be a part of giving back to our community & to become an important part of a small place in this world where we all must work to build one another up, and improve our space in humanity.


The Lavender Lady of Hawley at Mystic Farm Story (part II)

My love of lavender... visually, and how it makes the rest of my senses feel, partnered with the gift of my love for gardening, passed to me from my Mom, Marion, made me want to plant fields of it and then share it with everyone. So after diving into studies on what it takes in order to do so, I decided to go for it, and take the leap. 


It has been several years in the making. Hard researching, planning and some manifesting & dreaming! It also came with no shortage of mistakes, disappointments, losses, failures ... and i wanted to quit at least 1000 times, but I stayed the course.... and so here I am.

 I finally began my first planting Spring 2019 with an additional planting July 2020. 

Growing lavender is a harder more challenging task than I expected. Being born and raised on Long Island, with absolutely no experience or exposure to farming, other than yearly pumpkin and apple picking trips, this was a rude awakening... I must admit. Yet here I am doing it, raising goats, and ducks, and being a lavender farmer!

 Every single thing is done, all by my own(aching)hands. Every single thing was done, planned, placed and planted with deep intention.

Intentions of holding space, of not only gratitude, but also to invoke love, peace, kindness, and all healing energies. 

 Laying plastic on rows, measuring plant placement, cutting each hole and preparing each space for a plant to grow. Weeding, tending to, harvesting, trimming. Its all backbreaking hard work, (thank God I have my husbands help) and do you know what? Rewards from it all are absolutely priceless. Watching them grow and flourish, and reward me with stunning blooms, truly takes my breath away when I stand in the field and just be. Its incredibly overwhelming and I feel very proud of myself (which is not something I feel often in life).

Becoming a Lavender Farmer has taught me more than any book, lesson or class ever has.

 I am learning to be brave. Ive become more patient, and resilient. I know I am very strong, and yet becoming softer. I've learned to accept & love myself through all of my failures. Ive learned I must let go of what no longer serves me. I know what is, and what is not important in my life...and I know the importance of compromise and that its far better than taking a loss.

So, it brings me tremendous joy, and I want to share it with you!

Spring/Summer 2023 Season is upon us finally!  

Farm visits are set in the website calendar for you to book

I am grateful you took the time and visited my site, I am hopeful for a healthy and prosperous future for us all, and I hope to meet you someday here at the farm!

Sending You Peace, Love & Light,


The Lavender Lady of Hawley

at Mystic Farm

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